Best Andhar Bahar Strategy: Is There a Winning Betting System?

Like online matka bazars, the onset of online casinos highlights some popular casino games like Andhar Bahar, Roulette, Teen Patti, etc.  Casinos objective is similar to satta markets, availing money-making opportunities with gambling into various casinos gamesAndhar Bahar is one of the exciting casino games. It is purely a chance game, but intelligent minds evaluate tips and strategies to win the maximum. 


We have travelled to the gambling world, experiencing different games, but never encountered fixed formulas or guaranteed strategies. When the term gambling is related, then the game is highly a luck game. Something prepared with recipes and specific guarantees cant define gambling. The gambling addicts like to polish their winning opportunities, and thus, they keep heading with some tips or theories for the games. 

 What is Andhar Bahar, and how to play it?

It is one of the thrilling casinos games visualized as a most simple game. It is Indian based game also known as Katti and Maang Patta. Commencing the game do not require many talents or higher knowledge; instead, your guessing power should be strong. 


The primary method of enjoying Andhar Bahar requires a standard pack of 52 cards, one of which plays a role of a Joker. Andhar and Bahar are two sides, left and right. The dealer will shuffle the pack and pull a card that will define a Joker. If the Joker card suit is red, the first card is confirmed dealt on the Bahar side, and if the joker card suit is black, the next card will drop on the Andhar side. 


Suppose Heart of 10 is a joker. Now, the cards are dealt on Andhar and Bahar sides alternatively. The game ends when another 10 of a diamond is spotted. You need to decide the side and place a minimum bet of Rs. 50/- before the start of the game. If the desired card falls on your side, you win or vice versa. 


So, the game is simple, and no mastery is required. Youve 50-50 chances of winning the game. The game procedure directly indicates it as a fortune game. Still, people wonder about tips and strategies. Supporting peoples expectations and willingness, we communicate with a few experts of Andhar Bahar, who outlined a few points as mentioned below.


Tips and strategies 

 Hopefully, the listed tips and strategies maximize your chance of winning real money on the satta matka app. 


1. Martingale strategy: This strategy focus on two simple things. One is each time you lose the game, double the bet in the next round. And the second one is each time you succeed, start with your initial bet.


2. The Hot and Cold strategy: This strategy defines your beliefs. The hot side means that it has recorded maximum wins, and the cold side is vice versa. Now, its you deciding which side to choose. Several players opt for the cold strategy believing in natures rule that after a few consistent winnings, the game turns to the least winning side. Thus, they favour the cold strategy. 


3. Prefer small bets: Though there are no strict rules of betting amount, we essentially advise starting with a small amount. It helps to maintain a balance between risk and reward ratio. The game moves at a fast pace and leaves only seconds for deciding a bet. Your delay might result in losing a significant amount while betting in the Andhar Bahar game online. It is advisable to raise a stake when your fortunate to have a winning streak. 


4. Think, memorize, and bet: More cards on the table, higher winning probabilities. Memory plays a significant role in remembering which cards are already out. Calculating the cards, you can guess well what can be the next card. The lesser the cards left, the fewer are the winning chances. Remember and focus on the three maximum match cards in the deck of 51 cards. 


The bottom line

Honestly, there is no specific tips or strategies for the Andhar Bahar game. To date, it essentially falls as a fortune game. Since its inception on the Indian grounds, millions have approached the game for its simplicity and 50-50 winning probabilities. The best of this game is that you need not wait longer to check your wins or losses, unlike matka resultsWith minimum bets of Rs. 50/-, the game can advantage winning up to Rs. 5000/- in around. Reaching that level demands experience and strong guessing power apart from good luck. 


People consider enjoying the offline game mode at home during Diwali or vacation. It is not necessarily a real money game. The offline mode casinos involved this as an additional entertainment source for casino lovers. The traditional style of Andhar Bahar leaves a gap for fraudulent acts on the part of the card dealer. The onset of online casinos in the satta app has null chances of such acts as the dealer is your table. You can set the game on a device like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. and click on your favored side, placing a bet. 


As we mentioned initially, the game poised with prepared recipes is not gambling. A part of calculation often works in the right direction, and we highly believe in repeating it plenty of times, terming it as a game tip and strategy. 


We prefer interested individuals opting for side bets for the added joy and screening the game from a different angle. It adds to game knowledge resulting in heaping confidence.  

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