Everything you need to know about Panna?

We all yearn for some extra cash in cases when we see something that we constantly desired to purchase, but can’t do it simply because of shortage of money. Ever walked handed that rings keep and stopped and stared at the ring in the show and wondered, when can I get it? Or felt the want of upgrading your vehicle, simply because your colleague brought a new one? Yes, we all have been there, didn’t we? We as humans, constantly have a desire of getting more. With world advancing due to technology, and new things coming up in the market, we all aspirewe could have it all. But, what pulls us back, is money! We constantly take a step backwards in situations like these, absolutely due to the fact that our wallets don’t own that sufficient volume of money. But, what if now you can have it all. We recognize this sounds extraordinarily weird, but it’s true!

Sattamatka gives you an opportunity, where you can win ample money in a very short amount of time and that too in a very easy and convenient way.Matka is a very old gambling game in India and some other countries as well. It is a lottery game played on numbers, where numbers are drawn and people wager on these numbers to earn big money. It started back in the 1960 due to people placing bets on the opening and shutting rates of cotton being shipped from Bombay cotton exchange to New York cotton exchange. . A lot of people back then grew addicted with this practice, and matka become a famous amongst people. Even today, with constant digitalization and technology expansion, Sattamatka, has managed to keep it’s roots intact and growing popular amongst people with it’s modified form. Over a period of time, Sattamatka went through a lot changes, these being Sattamatka branching out into a lot of markets, and into a lot of variations. There are basically five variations in Sattamatka those being, Single, Jodi, Panna, Sangam and half sangam. These are all different parts of the same result, each having different rates. And it is according to these rates that peopledecide to bet.

Let’s have a look at Panna.

What is a matka result?

Sattamatka is played on a variety of numbers depending on it’s rate! Panna, is one of them.

Before we jump on the concept of panna, let’s look at the format of the result. Matka result is basically declared in two parts these are, Open and Close.

Open being the first part of the result and Close being the second part.

153  –  97 – 214 is how the matka results looks like. Here, the first is 153  – 9  which is called the open result.

And, 7  –  214  is the close result.

The open and close result when put together makes the entire end result.The results on any satta website usually are displayed like:

153  – 9     7  –  214 

Open result        Close result


1          4

3   80   1

4          5

What is a Panna?
Panna is one of the variations that one can place a bet on. Basically it’s a part of the complete end result that has a specific rate. Panna is a three digit number of the result from 000-999. Panna is additionally known as as Patti, or panel.
But all three digits numbers are not considered to be apanna. Only 220 out of a thousand three digit numbers are panna.
Pannas are commonly organized in ascending order format, like for example 123 is a panna, however 231,132, 213 are not known as panna. If you arrange all the one thousand three digit numbers in ascending order pattern, you may locate there are simply 220 quantities that are uniquely arranged in an ascending order format. Each panna is permanently attributed to it’s Single, based totally on the Sum of it is three digits.

Now many may wonder how to figure out which is a single panna?
If the sum of three digit numbers in the result sums to a number less than 10, then it is known as a single panna. For example, 123 ; the sum of this wide variety sums to 06, which is much less than 10 , subsequently the last digit of the sum is single [0{6}]. In this case, 123 belongs to it’s single 6.
If the sum if three digits is extra than 9, the ultimate digit of the sum is said to be it’s single. For example, 456, the sum of these numbers is {1(5)}, so 5 is viewed to be as it’s single.

Panna are similarly divided into 3 categories, those being; Single Panna (SP), Double Panna (DP)and triple Panna (TP).
Single Panna (SP) : SP is the one where no two numbers are the same. There are usual a hundred and twenty single pannas. The structure of SP is; X< Y
Double Panna(DP) : Here, atleast two consecuetive numbers are same. two Format is X=Yprice for DP is , 1:280.
Triple Panna(TP): Here, All the three numbers are same. Format is, X=Y=Z. Rate for TP is, 1:600.

People can wager on either of the three relying on what charge they favor & can earn a hefty sum of money. Panna being the simplest game, is very popular among newbies and is convenient to grasp and learn.

Why choose matka result for Sattamatka?

Matka result, gives you all the information you need to know about playing panna, starting from guessing forums,astrological charts and fast and love kalyan satta results, matka results helps in you in every way. And with the information on panna, We hope this prepares you to enter the world of Satta matka.

So, what are you waiting for, go have some fun & win hefty rewards!

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