Jodi Chart List

The primitive methods of booking matka were straightforward. Over time the onset of online satta platforms with new satta bazars and matka games, the old version of matka booking got spiced up with new features, game terminologies, and variations.

The addition of variations like Single, Open, Close, Jodi, Pana, Sangam, and Half-Sangam allowed enthusiasts for placing multiple wagers in the same game. Most of the players opt for Jodi variation as it benefits two more options, i.e. Open and Close betting.

The results are live and accurate on the Play SM Games app. Sometimes the players miss checking live results, and we understand it happens for various reasons. Thus, the Matka Results site takes immense effort recording the declared live results in a tabular form in a day-wise fashion under the Jodi Charts section.

Jodi Charts web page displays a list of matka games that fall under the Regular market. You can click on your choicest games, and the page will show the Jodi results of that game. The page contains the recorded results of Jodi betting for the previous and current games.

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