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What should you know about the Starline chart?

Have you ever heard of satta matka or matka gambling? Or you’re familiar with the term matka booking. Let’s explore the famous satta industry lead by three top live satta markets for decades.

The satta industry is famous for entertaining millions today, with several matka games falling separately under the Regular, Starline, and King Bazar markets. Unlike in the old days of matka booking, today, the term is modified on the online satta platforms with new variations of matka games, added features, and multiple opportunities of making money from a single betting.

In this article, we continue discussing the Starline market and Starline chart.

What are Starline Markets?

Like Regular and King Bazar, the Starline Market is a leading satta bazar ruling in the satta industry. It has sub-markets, i.e. Kalyan Starline, Milan Starline, and Dubai Starline. Unlike the other two markets, it took shorter for Starline to boom in the market.

The gaming ways are similar here too, but it is unique, availing a satta platform with betting opportunities 12 times a day and night. The other top markets provide limited wagering opportunities, once or twice a day or night.

The results are announced sooner comparatively to the matka games falling under the Regular and King Bazar. As the wagering places hourly, the declaration of the result happens within minutes allowing players to decide for the upcoming bets.

What are Kalyan, Milan, and Dubai Starline markets?

Kalyan and Milan Starline are day markets. Kalyan Starline market starts at 11.00 am and continue till 10.00 pm. Milan Starline entertains participants at the start of the day at 9.30 am and continues holding their interest in the game till 8.30 pm.

Dubai Starline is exclusively for the night punters. It invites gamblers at 10.00 pm and entertains them the entire night till 3.30 am.

All three subcategories of Starline markets are available seven days a week. Wagering in any of the listed categories is possible in two variations only, i.e. Single and Patti.

What is the Starline chart?

Starline chart is an important section in all the Starline games. It is a result section of the Starline sub-markets. As we mentioned, the Starline market is maximum approached because of its hourly games and quick results. The published results get recorded in a tabular form for the punter’s future consideration and analysis.

The Starline charts or Starline panel charts on Matkaresult satta site are a specific section. It displays the recorded results of the previous and current games of all the Starline subcategories separately. The charts are in a tabular form for easier understanding helping passionate gamblers analyse and evaluate methods for calculating exact numbers.

Kalyan Star Line Chart

Milan Star Line Chart

Dubai Star Line Chart

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