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Dubai Starline

12:15 AM227 - 1
12:45 AM477 - 8
1:15 AM289 - 9
1:45 AM246 - 2
2:15 AM247 - 3
2:45 AM889 - 5
3:15 AM268 - 6
3:45 AM128 - 1
10:15 PM680 - 4
10:45 PM190 - 0
11:15 PM144 - 9
11:45 PM558 - 8

Milan Starline

9:30 AM447 - 5
10:30 AMLoading...
11:30 AM267 - 5
12:30 PM779 - 3
1:30 PM236 - 1
2:30 PM238 - 3
3:30 PM236 - 1
4:30 PM440 - 8
5:30 PM348 - 5
6:30 PM460 - 0
7:30 PM567 - 8
8:30 PM330 - 6

Kalyan Starline

11:00 AM250 - 7
12:00 PM357 - 5
1:00 PM399 - 1
2:00 PM124 - 7
3:00 PM467 - 7
4:00 PM125 - 8
5:00 PM246 - 2
6:00 PM337 - 3
7:00 PM144 - 9
8:00 PM468 - 8
9:00 PM456 - 5
10:00 PM689 - 3

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Trends: The Evolution of Satta Matka and How to Stay Ahead

Satta Matka, a popular form of gambling in India, has been a


Trends: The Evolution of Satta Matka and How to Stay Ahead

Satta Matka, a popular form of gambling in India, has been a


Satta Matka Success Strategies: Maximize Your Winnings

In 2024, Satta Matka continues to gain popularity among gambling enthusiasts. With each passing y


Satta Matka Success Strategies: Maximize Your Winnings

In 2024, Satta Matka continues to gain popularity among gambling enthusiasts. With each passing y


Satta Matka Legends: The Masters' Winning Strategies

Satta Matka, a form of gambling prevalent in India, has etch


Satta Matka Legends: The Masters' Winning Strategies

Satta Matka, a form of gambling prevalent in India, has etch


Satta Matka: The Psychological Perspective in Online Gaming

Gambling is a popular pastime around the world, and India is no exception. One of the most popula


Satta Matka: The Psychological Perspective in Online Gaming

Gambling is a popular pastime around the world, and India is no exception. One of the most popula


Impact of Satta Matka on Local Economies

Satta Matka, a popular form of gambling in India, has been a


Impact of Satta Matka on Local Economies

Satta Matka, a popular form of gambling in India, has been a


Satta Matka: From Street Play to Online Platforms

Satta Matka is a form of gambling that originated in India i


Satta Matka: From Street Play to Online Platforms

Satta Matka is a form of gambling that originated in India i


King Bazar Game Chart Old History Record => 2020 To 2024 !!

King Bazar Game

Matka Jodi Chart

Matka Panel Chart

MORNING MADHURI9:00 AM10:45 AMDaily (Mon to Sun)
TIME KALYAN9:30 AM11:45 AMDaily (Mon to Sun)
TIME SYNDICATE10:30 AM12:30 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
BHOOTNATH MORNING11:00 AM12:05 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MAIN SRIDEVI11:30 AM1:00 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
BALAJI DAY12:50 PM1:50 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MADHURI DAY1:35 PM2:35 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
KAMDHENU2:00 PM4:00 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MORNING SYNDICATE2:45 PM3:45 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MAIN RATAN DAY3:15 PM5:15 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MAIN BAZAR DAY3:45 PM5:45 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
JANTA DAY4:30 PM5:30 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
DHANLAXMI DAY5:00 PM6:00 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
BHOOTNATH NIGHT7:00 PM10:00 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MAIN SRIDEVI NIGHT7:30 PM8:30 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
DISAWAR NIGHT8:00 PM10:15 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
SYNDICATE NIGHT8:15 PM9:15 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
BALAJI NIGHT8:45 PM9:45 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
DHANLAXMI NIGHT9:00 PM11:00 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
KALYAN NIGHT9:20 PM11:35 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MAIN RATAN9:35 PM11:45 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MADHURI NIGHT10:30 PM11:30 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
MORNING SYNDICATE NIGHT10:55 PM11:55 PMDaily (Mon to Sun)
TIME BAZAR12:45 PM1:45 PMMon to Sat
MILAN DAY2:45 PM4:45 PMMon to Sat
KALYAN3:30 PM5:30 PMMon to Sat
MILAN NIGHT8:45 PM10:45 PMMon to Sat
RAJDHANI NIGHT9:30 PM11:40 PMMon to Fri
MAIN BAZAR9:33 PM11:51 PMMon to Fri
MAIN MUMBAI9:40 PM11:59 PMMon to Fri

All About Matka Result Website

For the quickest Kalyan Matka or Satta Matka Tips and Results, stay tuned to our Matka Result Site. With the help of our online Satta Matka result, we're enabling you to become a Satta King. We cordially invite you to explore the beautiful world of Satta Matka. For true Matka players, this is a legitimate Matka Result website. We provide forecasts that are accurate, fast, and Super Result. We are the only ones who can significantly aid you in making enormous sums of money. Our team is made up of math professionals and specialists. In order to obtain high-quality winning sums that provide our customers a chance to win the Satta Matka Game and ultimately become the Indian Satta Matka King, we employ mathematical computations. We are experts at predicting Satta Chart and Satta Matka results in a matter of seconds without even a small percentage of errors. On our websites, you can read and comprehend Satta Matka quantities. We have participated in Satta Matka number imagining, Satta King, Satta Record Chart, Indian Matka amount, Matka Chart Effect, Satta Matka fix match, Play Online Casino and Madhuri Satta.

Satta Matka

Many gamblers enjoy using Satta Matka as a means of making money. It's one type of game, but it wants them to profit from it. Taking the match to each person is now an easy effort thanks to the advancement of technology. Todays' Matka game is available online and has a website in addition to a programme. It is simple to visit the website or download the app and start playing the sport there from anywhere at any timeThe calculations and necessary permutations and mixes are used by the players to crack the game. The picking of the right numbers is also an artwork the players generally have.

Satta Matka History

Satta Matka is a form of gambling that originated in India. Its roots can be traced back to the 1960s when it was first introduced by Ratan Khatri. Initially, it involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton from the New York Cotton Exchange. Over time, the game evolved to include betting on random numbers. The game gained popularity and soon became a prominent gambling activity in Mumbai, India. It attracted a large number of participants who were drawn to the thrill and potential financial gains it offered. As the game's popularity grew, multiple variations and markets were introduced, such as Kalyan Matka, Milan Matka, and Rajdhani Matka.

Indian Matka

These days, Satta Matka is performed according to tradition. Satta Matka was not played on the internet earlier, but it is now possible to play it online due to the growing influence of technology. Satta Matka's reputation has changed over time alongside the sport. Players now have additional alternatives thanks to the expansion of offline and online gaming options from international companies, including slots and blackjack.

What is Satta Matka Game and How to Play this Game?

Satta Matka is an amazing and wonderful form of entertainment. You might even enjoy yourself and make the most of सट्टा मटका with online Matka Play. Satta Matka is only used for entertainment; as such, don't overuse it or you risk experiencing negative effects. and is selected, along with the ability to add and subtract one number.

Numerous websites and programmes play it.. Millions of people secretly play with it. The participant must choose a number range and place a wager on it. Only if you choose the correct number will you be considered a winner.

How to Play the Indian Satta Matka game carefully

You can see that these games are entertaining and also rely on your luck. You will need to choose two numbers for your match whenever you want to play it. You must stake money on the sum, which could range from 0 to 9. If you're lucky and your number is the one who wins, you'll get almost a 10-fold return on your investment. People enjoy playing Indian Satta Matka (సత్తా మట్క) and winning a lot of money because of this.

Is Satta Matka Game Legal in India?

Playing the Satta Matka Game, which is a form of gaming, is prohibited in India. However, there are many free Matka websites online where the game can be played without spending any money. The first iterations of the Indian Matka game will instead be played on websites that do not accept payments. Several different games, including Roulette and Slots, have become more popular among players who prefer to play games of chance as a result of the legal crackdown on Matka. Indian players are drawn to offshore service providers through these contests.

Satta Matka: the lottery match of India

Satta It was an easy game. The match is known as Matka Satta because the numbers were drawn from chits that were kept in an earthen jar called a Matka. Anyone who correctly predicted the right mix of numbers will be the lottery winner!

Earlier The opening and closing prices of cotton were used in the transmission of cotton from the London cotton market to the Bombay cotton market. Satta Matka (ಸತ್ತಾ ಮಟ್ಕಾ ) is currently configured with these specific opening and closing cotton price ranges. Anyone who correctly predicted the opening and closing prices could win the lottery in a fair and impartial manner.

Yes, playing the game has been quite easy. The rules of the game were so simple that everyone, regardless of wealth or poverty, education or forging, could participate in the sport and take some money home. There were no bars that were unable to participate in the game. This is just one of the main causes for the sector's explosive growth after India attained freedom. The Satta bazaar observed a sizable influx of gamblers coming in day and night to place their wagers and then leaving again to collect their winnings.

It won't be easy given that the company reportedly had a turnover of crores. The match continued after the transmissions stopped, and bets were instead placed on the numbers and cards. People must choose a number between 1 and 10 and wait to learn whether they have the winning sum or not. But soon after, the authorities raided the Satta bazaar and shut down the gaming circuits, dealing significant damage to the industry.

However, these digital renditions of the same old Satta Matka match are delivered by these online platforms. For novice Satta Matka Gamers who are just coming into the game field, certain Websites have committed instructions and concepts. Use these suggestions to make sure you don't lose too much money and feel defeated. Start out slowly and place tiny bets to ensure that you don't lose a lot of money even if you lose the wager!

Matka India

Matka India is still quite well-liked all over the world and offers prospects for gaming and winning. Matka India is very helpful in earning the right amount of money in the shortest amount of time and the ideal amount of luck. The Matka India game might truly assist you in escaping the annoying situations and entering the genuine activity of making a sizable amount of money. Even if chance plays a large part in how a sport turns out, there is usually some knowledge that must be acquired to avoid such losses in the future.

Indian Satta

The Indian Satta sport has always drawn players to it and is one of the main sources of entertainment. Since it's believed to generate more income for the players, the majority of people are addicted to this Indian Satta out of a desire to profit financially from it. The Indian Satta game depends entirely on pure luck for you to win and receive payment.

Satta Result in India

There are numerous websites that provide Satta Result. By using the technique of perfect picturing, anyone can win the game of Matka India. Only those who are experts in that match are aware of the process of ideal picturing. With this approach, you predict the outcome of the game in advance. The key to success in that sport is having complete control over your imagination. The Matka Result websites of today provide their answers for an ideal picturing.

Play Indian Matka and Make Money

The closing number appears to be chosen at random, however this is not the case. It is produced by a few collectors, and experts can predict the amount in advance. Indian Matka is also becoming increasingly well-known in India, and the number of Satta Matka websites is expanding daily as a result of the trend towards online Satta Matka. The fact that people may play and earn money in your home is by far the best aspect of this.

For players who are just starting off, it can be challenging to estimate the correct Satta Matka flow number. However, you can receive the Satta Result and Indian Matka Game mend number from Matka Result. We are here to fix various Indian Matka games and give you the best Indian Satta Matka Game tips.

For Satta Result, Matka Result, mend Matka India match, Matka money, and Satta number, you can use our online Matka match assistance. Just attempt our Matka Result to succeed in online Indian Satta as well.

Visit us and we will satisfy your demand on the Indian Matka Game if you're not happy with the other Satta Matka website or Matka Agent. Through our Matka Result website, our committed specialists assist you in playing the Indian Satta Matka Game, giving you the chance to eventually become a Satta King without needing any further funding.

Indian Satta Charts Fast Result

With us is the significance of the Satta Charts Record. You can use Satta Charts to find the past occurrence of a sum to predict the future. You'll be able to determine which sum is more likely to arrive and make you a winner. We also have Kuber Balaji Chart, Main Sridevi, Disawar Night, Time Kalyan, Dhanlaxmi Night, Morning Syndicate, Main Ratan Bombay, and other shows. We value satisfied customers. The Satta market is quite large, and many individuals attempt to make Satta on a typical amount but frequently fail, losing their land to just recoup their losses, while others find themselves in paradise after selecting an amount from another online user's interest.

Our website aims to make up for their lost time. Because of our excellent public imagination, it is feasible to avoid losses and make significant gains. Due to the Satta Guessing forum's accuracy and speed, which allows it to rapidly and precisely reveal Satta Results and Satta Matka Results, people will get familiar with our website rather quickly. Recently, our website has established itself as a true innovator in this specific field. This enormous accomplishment is a result of our team and the speedy Satta results. This is what we've offered: the simplest and quickest Satta Matka leads to the market. On the Matka Result website, we are always putting in a lot of effort. To keep up with the times and the Satta marketplace, kindly use our website.

Tips for Indian Satta

Indian Satta Tips are very important since they make playing the game of Indian Satta more simple. The professional gaming tips are quite beneficial in giving you the best understanding possible of developing your skills. The Indian Satta Tips always advise starting the game at the lowest level possible to grasp what the sport is actually all about. Indian Satta Tips frequently recommends that you gamble with money that you won't need right now.

Make Yourself the Satta Boss With Our Expert Indian Satta Matka Tips

Are you presently searching for thrilling and exhilarating adventures in the gaming industry? You're in the ideal spot! You can sign up with Matka Result to take advantage of these thrilling moments of winning the guessing game of chance. If you're a novice, don't be afraid to execute the Indian Matka, Satta Matka, or even Indian Satta. We have provided experience to help you learn more about how to play this wonderful Matka India game.

When you first start playing, you might lose a lot of games, but as you keep playing and discover more practical ways to play, you'll eventually force yourself to win. Use Matka India tips frequently to ensure consistent success when playing Indian Satta. Remember to stay updated with online Satta Matka Result when you start playing your sport with us so you can recognise your improper moment.

Wonderful Way to Spend Free Time!

It's possible that you're getting bored when you watch TV or talk to friends and family. By signing up for a great gambling experience at matkaresult.co, you can make your free time interesting. You can play the game just outside your door without ever leaving your house. Playing Indian Satta Matka can help you make the most of your brain's potential as well as expert advice to score a resounding triumph. Keep coming back to our website to obtain the most recent Matka India tips, Satta Result, and other important search results you want to know about.

Benefits Of playing online games on the Matka Result platform

Online betting games are trendy nowadays, whether online casinos, live matka online, or bet exchanges in live cricket matches. Online websites like Matka result are the best place to enjoy gambling and make profits. If you wonder why we select the Matka Result platform to bet and make money, we let you know our users' benefits that ultimately help them make more money.

● It is a user-friendly and hassle-free platform to select popular matka games likeKalyan, Bhoothnath, Balaji, Sridevi, Janta, Dubai, Mumbai, Madhuri, and manymore.

● The site has listed several popular games with correct open and close resultstimings under the primary markets, Regular, KIng, and Starline. It makes it easierfor visitors and users to select games quickly.

● You can watch the fast and accurate live matka results in the Jodi and Panelcharts. These charts are designed in a tabular format in a day-wise fashion,making it easier for anyone to locate the results of the previous and currentgames quickly. Such charts are helpful in analyses.

● The visitors and users can take advantage of updated guessing tips for theKalyan bazar.

● The Faqs section is no less than guidance to visitors and users, especially thenewbies in the satta industry. The content in that section explains the main termsrelated to matka gambling on the site.

● For in-depth knowledge about matka bazars, read influential matka articles inthe blog section. These articles are jotted down by the industry experts andprofessionals, sharing their years' experience as matka tips, mysterious ways tomake money from different live matka games, etc.

● The site is associated with a matka app modified with the latest technologies. Your added data stays secure, and you can participate anonymously.

● The site displays Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for visitors andusers. These guidebooks explain enthusiast gaming rules, essential rules andguidelines, specific terms needed to be followed, etc.

It's possible to choose from a wide range of game

The online matka world is vast and recognized for numerous live matka games. Itsimmense popularity eventually resulted in the emergence of several online matkaplatforms, some of which got highly notable due to their genuine services and excellentfeatures.

Matka Result is a similar platform providing a wide range of matka games under theprimary markets like Regular, King, and Starline. In short, it is a one-stop platform toenjoy multitudes of live matka games. If you want to gain broad experience in onlinebetting and making money, be a registered user of the Matka Result. The site isauthentic and a secure place to peacefully enjoy online betting. Besides this, users getservices like

● To check live matka results at their scheduled timings

● Read and study the Jodi and Panel results charts of the listed matka games

● Guessing tips to play Kalyan matka online

● Main Bazar TimeTable in a tabular format

● FAQs and Blog section, which provides in-depth matka games knowledge

● 24/7 support team

Once you land on our Matka Result website, you need not frequently change places toplay new and popular matka games. You get a broader choice to select from primarymarkets. For instance,

Regular Bazar - Kalyan, Time Kalyan, Bhoothnath, Morning Syndicate, Milan, Main Ratan, Time Bazar, Main Ratan, Janta, Kamdhenu, Rajdhani, and many more.

Satta King Bazar - Disawar, Gali Gold, Kalyan Gold, Dhanlaxmi, Faridabad,Ghaziabad, etc.

Starline Bazar- Kalyan, Dubai, and Milan. Apart from this, they can enjoy Astrology, Horoscope, zodiac, table and card games like Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti, Roulette,Dragon-Tiger, Andar Bahar, and many more for a mood change or who keep theirinterest in casino games. With such a wide range of live matka and casino games, theMatka Result is suitable for gamblers, whether they are playing at the advanced level ora beginner. You can click on the Play Games app for easy gameplays and quicklydownload the application.

Satta King bazars - A game of profits or a mere loss

For years, Satta King bazars or the King Jodi markets have been enchanting onlinematka players. It is one of the primary bazar and has a list of popular matka games like Disawar, Disawar Gold, Gali, Gali Gold, Kalyan Gold, Balaji, Janta, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Kuber, Mumbai, Dhanlaxmi, and many more.

Several people wonder by the market name if it's worth the risk amounts in the Kingbazaars and aspire to win millions. First, we cannot guarantee matka gambling and fixits results. Next, winning the online matka includes a few more points besides goodluck. For instance, the online matka has excellent features, and sites offer live services.When these features and live services are utilized correctly, it improves your game and,ultimately, winning probabilities. Thus, in deciding on whether the Satta King game is a game of profit or loss, we have 50-50 chances.

We invite you to the Matka Result website to enjoy satta king bazars in the true sense.The Matka Result platforms have listed famous Satta King bazars with their resulttimings. The site displays the King Jodi charts for the previous and current games. These charts are error-free, and results are accurately saved. It extensively helpsplayers in future consideration and analyses. We do not guarantee the straight winningsin the King Jodi games, but we assure you our services will help you comprehend the King markets in-depth and secure more profits.

Kalyan Matka - The most popular online matka

In the 1950s, Mr Kalyanji Bhagat introduced Kalyan matka, and the story of matkagambling in India begins there. Initially, punters enjoyed the Kalyan matka booking inthe Land-based gaming houses. Presently, it got located on the online matka sites likeMatka Result.

Initially, Kalyan was a single-digit game. But the Kalyan matka online has variations toplay like Jodi, panna and 220 patti, which is a double-digit and triple digits game.The popularity of the old Kalyan game inspired the business minds to add new livematka games with similar names under primary markets.

Regular Bazar - All the Regular bazar games are possibly played with single, double,and triple digits.

● Time Kalyan - The open and close results timing is between 12:15 PM 1:15 PM

Kalyan- The open and close results timing is between 04:10 PM 06:10 PM King Jodi Bazar - All the King bazar games are possibly played with single and doubledigits.

● Kalyan Gold - The results get announced at 04.00 PM.Starline Bazar - The Starline bazar games allows players to bet in single and tripledigits.

● Kalyan Starline - The best of this bazar is that it invites people to play 12 betsper day, announcing its first game results at 11.00 PM and continues till 10.00 PM.


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